Medical Office Assistant trainees improve communication skills with LearningBranch

89% of students who completed the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) course at Vancouver Community College (VCC) reported positive outcomes from practicing with LearningBranch.

“The students who had some of the bigger challenges with either language or confidence had the most benefit with the opportunity to practice” said Julia Slade, Instructor for the fall 2017 cohort at VCC.

Even the students with above average communication skills benefited from the practice, Slade said. The above average students “found something they hadn’t thought of or were able to add another layer of proficiency to an already present skill.”

“This also transferred over to the pair and group work they did in class. The entire class was given a 10-15 min space at the beginning of each class to review the weeks’ activities and discuss,” she said.

The practice forms part of the coursework for the Human Relations Skills course, a vital part of the MOA and other healthcare programs at VCC.

Students complete 8 to 10 LearningBranch modules on specific topics such as Active Listening, Using Empathy, and Organizing Telephone Requests. Every student also practiced recording 2 or 3 voicemail messages on specific pre-designed topics.

The instructor listens to the recordings and writes or records precise feedback to the students who need it.

MOAs are on the frontline of a medical or healthcare office and interact with people every minute of every day, face-to-face and on the phone.

Every year, Vancouver Community College graduates 2 cohorts of MOAs and sends them into the workforce. The trainees, mostly young women, require excellent communication skills to get and keep jobs in the industry.

Instructors use the LearningBranch modules to increase the practice time for trainees outside of the limited classroom hours.

“It was a pleasure to work with the system again, I am looking forward to returning to work and experiencing it again,” Julia Slade said.

Watch a video from the LearningBranch course Communication Skills for Medical Office Assistants:


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