6 reasons why Trinity Western University chose LearningBranch

Graduate students from Trinity Western University (TWU) choose LearningBranch as the best course for workplace language training.

The 2018 Masters in TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language) class from Trinity Western University (TWU) recently compared two sets of materials for workplace language training: LearningBranch Communication Skills courses and materials from Bow Valley College, Alberta Canada

The group chose LearningBranch.

Objectives of workplace language training

Learners will be able to:

  • communicate appropriately in a workplace setting, with a focus on listening and speaking,
  • understand and conduct general workplace conversations,
  • build and maintain good relationships with the target community,
  •  “sell” themselves well, highlighting their excellent technical skills.

Summary of findings

The researchers summarized their findings as follows:

1. LearningBranch reflects real-life work situations, provides realistic pragmatic models with explanations that incorporates “soft skills”.

2. LearningBranch provides real-world work situations, integrating listening skills with  functional work-related vocabulary.

3. LearningBranch’s pragmatic, strategic, and sociolinguistic approach is a tremendous advantage for learners. For example, “Active Listening with a Hotel Guest”, contains detailed information on how to show attentiveness through specific behaviours—a good example of a sociolinguistic focus. This same activity shows the incorporation of the soft skills of good communication of attentive listening, responsiveness, keeping a conversation, acknowledging the guest, and paraphrasing.

4. LearningBranch’s fresh approach along interactive and user-friendly interface make it stand out among its competitors.

The complete results are here

The instructor of the MA TESOL course at TWU is Kay McAllister, MA.

For more information, contact patricia@learningbranch.com

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