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The Modern Workplace Demands Soft Skills

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With many businesses facing a shortage of strong talent, soft skills can set a great employee apart from a good one. Soft skills are more than just a buzz phrase. If hard skills, or technical skills, reflect what an employee does, then a soft skill, or non-technical skill, reflects how they do it. Soft skills […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Customer Support

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When industries become saturated and new competitors crop up, many businesses choose to invest in product development and marketing. What better way to get noticed than exciting new products and eye-catching advertising, right? The reality is that 4 out of 5 customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. While all departments […]

LearningBranch Awarded NRC-IRAP Funding to Further Develop Artificial Intelligence Soft Skills Engine.

Vancouver, April 2020, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LearningBranch today announced that the National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (“NRC-IRAP”) has approved funding for LearningBranch scientists to further develop LearningBranch Artifice Intelligence Evaluation tool.  The NRC-IRAP funds will be used to develop and commercialize LearningBranch’s AI soft skill evaluation tool.  About LearningBranch  LearningBranch is focused […]

Case Study – The advantages of using AI for assessing voice and chat candidates

LearningBranch Inc, April 2020 Background and Objectives The client in this case study is a 7000-employee contact center company with global operations. Exceptional communication with customers is critical to their success. They require employees to have a high level of soft skills with advanced language proficiency in voice and chat processes. The client experiences high […]

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything. We can help.

The recent global events are unprecedented. The spread of COVID-19 has led to many businesses having to make difficult decisions in a hurry.  Changes are happening rapidly as the global workforce adapts to remote working. At LearningBranch, we know how to help. We’ve been a virtual company from the beginning offering online talent development regardless […]


LearningBranch is pleased to be a sponsor of the Digital Talent Acquisition Summit. Toronto, Mar 3-4, 2020 About DTA The Digital Talent Acquisition Summit is the only event for TA leaders to connect with hundreds of like-minded peers to discuss the very latest innovations to win the war for talent. Take advantage of this highly […]

LearningBranch has been selected for the Creative Destruction Lab Montreal – AI Stream

October 10, 2019 We are pleased to announce LearningBranch has been selected to participate in the AI Stream of Creative Destruction Lab. CDL is an intense objective based mentorship program with an established 8-week interval review process. At each session ventures are evaluated on their progress and continued fit with the attributes and strengths of the […]

CCAP Contact Islands, Philippines, July 24 & 25, 2019

LearningBranch is attending and sponsoring AP Contact Islands. Contact Islands 2019, we bring together thought leaders from various industries as they talk about their experiences in leading their organizations through their CX transformation journeys. Discussions shall focus on case studies and key insights that can serve as benchmark or inspiration for contact center leaders in […]

Meet Willow: Intelligent Voice Analysis

We’re thrilled to introduce Willow, our intelligent voice analysis engine. Built right into the LearningBranch platform, Willow evaluates learners’ spoken English skills instantly and automatically. With Willow you can automate and improve recruitment testing and training processes to boost customer satisfaction.   With Willow, you’ll have the tool you need. Why Willow? Consistent scoring Complement your team with […]

How to hire the top 10%

How can you reliably identify the top 10% of performers out of the many applicants that apply for frontline positions? This is a challenge faced by contact center and frontline recruiters around the globe. Application forms do not tell the whole story. And off-the-shelf assessments mostly test an applicant’s ability to correctly guess how to […]

How to interview 20,000 people a year

How can you screen your applicant’s communication and soft skill abilities, accurately and cost-effectively? This is a challenge faced by contact centers around the world. One of our clients screens hundreds of applicants every day for voice and chat skills at multiple sites in the Philippines. Their clients want quick, accurate and cost-effective solutions that are automated in order to eliminate human interference from testing. […]

How to Test for Soft Skills

We’ve heard it before. “You can’t test for soft skills. They can’t be taught. They can only be learned on-the-job.” You can and should test and train for soft skills. With good soft skill testing, successful applicants will have the skills needed to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. Good measurement can tell you which skills […]

Medical Office Assistant trainees improve communication skills with LearningBranch

89% of students who completed the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) course at Vancouver Community College (VCC) reported positive outcomes from practicing with LearningBranch. “The students who had some of the bigger challenges with either language or confidence had the most benefit with the opportunity to practice” said Julia Slade, Instructor for the fall 2017 cohort at VCC. Even the students with above average […]

Soft Skills Are Increasingly Crucial To Getting Your Dream Job

Employers Struggle To Find Candidates With The Right Soft Skills For 59 Percent Of Their Open Jobs Guy Berger, Ph.D.  , Co-authored by Link Gan In January, we published a list of the 25 most in-demand skills. As you may have noticed, all of the skills on the list are hard skills — specific skills that are required […]

Communication Skills and Behaviours that Employers Want: A Practice Platform

See the presentation Communication Skills and Behaviours that Employers Want: A Practice Platform Presented by Patricia Macleod of LearningBranch at the Educational Technology Summit, part of the ATESL Conference, October 20 and 21, in Calgary Alberta. To see the presentation schedule and sign up for the conference, follow the links above or below. ATESL2017 Conference Welcome […]

Are Verbal Communication and Interpersonal Skills disappearing?

The skills shortage has been in the news lately with some very interesting data from the CACEE – Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers  reported in an excellent series on Work in Progress by Jessica Barrett. “.. the No. 1 complaint from employers is not that job candidates who do beat the system lack […]