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LearningBranch Awarded NRC-IRAP Funding to Further Develop Artificial Intelligence Soft Skills Engine.

Vancouver, April 2020, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LearningBranch today announced that the National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (“NRC-IRAP”) has approved funding for LearningBranch scientists to further develop LearningBranch Artifice Intelligence Evaluation tool.  The NRC-IRAP funds will be used to develop and commercialize LearningBranch’s AI soft skill evaluation tool.  About LearningBranch  LearningBranch is focused […]

LearningBranch graduates from the Creative Destruction Lab

LearningBranch is proud to announce that it has graduated from the prestigious Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Montreal AI-Stream program’s 2019/2020 cohort.  Over the past year, our team has had the amazing opportunity to work with bright and passionate Mentors, Fellows, Associates, CDL staff, MBA students, and start-ups from all over the world. It’s an incredible […]

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything. We can help.

The recent global events are unprecedented. The spread of COVID-19 has led to many businesses having to make difficult decisions in a hurry.  Changes are happening rapidly as the global workforce adapts to remote working. At LearningBranch, we know how to help. We’ve been a virtual company from the beginning offering online talent development regardless […]

We’re here to help.

The recent global events are unprecedented. The spread of COVID-19 has led to school closures around the world, affecting millions of people. Changes are happening rapidly and we need to adapt to new ways. At LearningBranch, we know how to help. We’ve been a virtual company since the very beginning offering an interactive online platform […]


LearningBranch is pleased to be a sponsor of the Digital Talent Acquisition Summit. Toronto, Mar 3-4, 2020 About DTA The Digital Talent Acquisition Summit is the only event for TA leaders to connect with hundreds of like-minded peers to discuss the very latest innovations to win the war for talent. Take advantage of this highly […]

ReEL 2020 – 9th Meeting on Language Teaching

LearningBranch is pleased to be attending the 9th Language Teaching Conference. Every year, the Meeting on Language Teaching (ReEL) explores various themes in contemporary second language pedagogy relating to the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages among adult learners. The École de langues (visit our website), in collaboration with the Département de didactique des langues, […]

SourceCon Conference 2020

LearningBranch is pleased to be attending the SourceCon conference in Seattle. SourceCon is the largest gathering of industry innovators and recruiting thought leaders for real conversations and networking opportunities. This is your chance to hear thought-provoking speakers and peers be candid and honest with tips, tricks, and techniques that actually work to find candidates. This conference in Seattle will […]

LearningBranch has been selected for the Creative Destruction Lab Montreal – AI Stream

October 10, 2019 We are pleased to announce LearningBranch has been selected to participate in the AI Stream of Creative Destruction Lab. CDL is an intense objective based mentorship program with an established 8-week interval review process. At each session ventures are evaluated on their progress and continued fit with the attributes and strengths of the […]

CCAP Contact Islands, Philippines, July 24 & 25, 2019

LearningBranch is attending and sponsoring AP Contact Islands. Contact Islands 2019, we bring together thought leaders from various industries as they talk about their experiences in leading their organizations through their CX transformation journeys. Discussions shall focus on case studies and key insights that can serve as benchmark or inspiration for contact center leaders in […]

LB is most certainly worth serious consideration! LLT Journal

“Overall, performance on the desktop was excellent…. Audio recordings made in either Instructor or Learner mode were saved and ready for playback within about one second. Likewise, the automatic correction of Worksheet Activities was essentially instantaneous.” “LearningBranch is most certainly worth serious consideration. It provides a stable, easily accessible, and very flexible means of creating, […]

A.I. Paving the Way to Better People Skills

Strong Results for LearningBranch’s A.I. Soft Skills Engine at Contact Center. We’re currently carrying out a four-month testing phase at a large contact center in the Philippines, and results so far indicate that our A.I. Engine can effectively replace manual processes throughout the recruitment and training processes. LearningBranch’s proprietary A.I.-powered soft skills assessment engine is […]

HR Festival ASIA 2019 – Singapore

LearningBranch is pleased to be exhibiting at the HR Festival Asia 2019. Will be presenting for the first time our  A.I. Powered Soft-skill Evaluation Engine.  HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US) and HR Summit (Asia) – will join forces in Asia to create what will be the region’s largest gathering for the HR and Tech […]

A.I. Soft Skills Evaluation Engine Pilot Yields Good Results at Philippines Contact Center

Our four-month pilot study currently underway at a large contact center in the Philippines has yielded results that indicate that our A.I. Engine can effectively replace manual processes throughout the recruitment and training processes. During the pilot phase currently underway in the Philippines, candidates write or record their answers to a series of simulated customer […]

HR Technology Conference & Expo

LearningBranch is pleased to be attending the HR Technology  Conference & Expo in Las Vegas from September 11-14, 2018. We’ll be demonstrating our latest SoftSkill Assessment tool. Come visit us at booth # 428AY  

Business writing practice from LearningBranch improves customer service

The latest business writing practice module from LearningBranch is improving the customer service skills of hundreds of front line service providers in India and the Philippines. Released June 2018, it is getting top reviews from our contact center clients. Our clients say thank you This is an advancement for sure! Thank you! – Soft Skills […]

LearningBranch is pleased to be sponsoring the annual Contact Islands conference in the Philippines.

LearningBranch is pleased to be sponsoring the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) annual flagship conference in Cebu at the Shangri-la Mactan. This event allows CCAP member company heads and industry partners (vendors, government, academe, etc.) to intimately discuss issues that affect the industry in the Philippines. July 25 & 26, 2018 Contact Islands, […]

6 reasons why Trinity Western University chose LearningBranch

Graduate students from Trinity Western University (TWU) choose LearningBranch as the best course for workplace language training. The 2018 Masters in TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language) class from Trinity Western University (TWU) recently compared two sets of materials for workplace language training: LearningBranch Communication Skills courses and materials from Bow […]

Meet Willow: Intelligent Voice Analysis

We’re thrilled to introduce Willow, our intelligent voice analysis engine. Built right into the LearningBranch platform, Willow evaluates learners’ spoken English skills instantly and automatically. With Willow you can automate and improve recruitment testing and training processes to boost customer satisfaction.   With Willow, you’ll have the tool you need. Why Willow? Consistent scoring Complement your team with […]

High-volume recruitment is time-heavy and expensive – 3 tips to help

collage of applicants during a high-volume recruitment campaign

How can you screen 17,000 applicants a year for communication and soft-skills, quickly, accurately, and save money at the same time? Many clients doing high-volume recruitment need to speed-up the hiring process. At the same time, they need to ensure new hires have the right communication skills for the job. In a previous post I […]

GDPR Compliance

We’re compliant! EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) At LearningBranch, security is of great importance to us. We are committed to providing an excellent and safe platform that meets all of the security regulation and requirements, ensures data privacy for our users, all while providing a robust and reliable platform to our customers. In accordance […]

CALICO Annual Conference, May 3 to June 1st, 2018

LearningBranch is pleased to be attending and presenting at the CALICO conference that will be held in Urbana, IL The Importance of Student Oral Production and Feedback in Language Learning and Assessments: The LearningBranch Approach This presentation reports on how students’ speaking performance is improved by integrating oral production and interactive feedback in a mobile-enabled, […]

How to hire the top 10%

How can you reliably identify the top 10% of performers out of the many applicants that apply for frontline positions? This is a challenge faced by contact center and frontline recruiters around the globe. Application forms do not tell the whole story. And off-the-shelf assessments mostly test an applicant’s ability to correctly guess how to […]

How to interview 20,000 people a year

How can you screen your applicant’s communication and soft skill abilities, accurately and cost-effectively? This is a challenge faced by contact centers around the world. One of our clients screens hundreds of applicants every day for voice and chat skills at multiple sites in the Philippines. Their clients want quick, accurate and cost-effective solutions that are automated in order to eliminate human interference from testing. […]

Medical Office Assistant trainees improve communication skills with LearningBranch

89% of students who completed the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) course at Vancouver Community College (VCC) reported positive outcomes from practicing with LearningBranch. “The students who had some of the bigger challenges with either language or confidence had the most benefit with the opportunity to practice” said Julia Slade, Instructor for the fall 2017 cohort at VCC. Even the students with above average […]

Communication Skills and Behaviours that Employers Want: A Practice Platform

See the presentation Communication Skills and Behaviours that Employers Want: A Practice Platform Presented by Patricia Macleod of LearningBranch at the Educational Technology Summit, part of the ATESL Conference, October 20 and 21, in Calgary Alberta. To see the presentation schedule and sign up for the conference, follow the links above or below. ATESL2017 Conference Welcome […]

Andrew Lee from McGill University’s Education Department will be using LearningBranch for his study

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Lee from McGill University’s Education Department will be using the LearningBranch platform during the course of his study.  Andrew Lee’s study is to investigate the extent to which second language (L2) learners benefit from L2 instruction in the acquisition of French grammatical gender. There are three experimental conditions: […]

BC Tech Embedded Executive program

LearningBranch is pleased to be working with BC Tech Embedded Executive program. James Hursthouse brings a wealth of experience having worked with his own startup in gaming and having a strong experience in education tech. James strongly believes that LearningBranch’s approach to language and communication is the key to educating the global workforce. With James […]

Soft skills more important than technical skills

“Soft skills are more important than technical skills in securing entry-level employment…” for more details from research done with employers, visit  Seattle Jobs Initiative  

Employers are looking for “soft skills”

“..employers are looking for employees with “soft skills” and competencies that are important for workplace and career-related success…” Read more in the report Skills for Success: Developing Skills for a Prosperous B.C.The Conference Board of Canada, 2014.  

Visit us at HRMA April 28-29

  LearningBranch will be presenting training and assessment solutions for language and communication skills.

Are Verbal Communication and Interpersonal Skills disappearing?

The skills shortage has been in the news lately with some very interesting data from the CACEE – Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers  reported in an excellent series on Work in Progress by Jessica Barrett. “.. the No. 1 complaint from employers is not that job candidates who do beat the system lack […]

VCC Instructor presents report on pilot project

Teaching Communication and Cultural Awareness: An Online Supplementary Curriculum, presented by Jane Forward of Vancouver Community College and Patricia Macleod of LearningBranch. Sat May 24th, 9am in room 3625 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond BC A report on teaching socio-cultural competencies and skills to health care and business professionals using adjunct curriculum that is online […]