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The Modern Workplace Demands Soft Skills

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With many businesses facing a shortage of strong talent, soft skills can set a great employee apart from a good one. Soft skills are more than just a buzz phrase. If hard skills, or technical skills, reflect what an employee does, then a soft skill, or non-technical skill, reflects how they do it. Soft skills […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Customer Support

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When industries become saturated and new competitors crop up, many businesses choose to invest in product development and marketing. What better way to get noticed than exciting new products and eye-catching advertising, right? The reality is that 4 out of 5 customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. While all departments […]

LB is most certainly worth serious consideration! LLT Journal

“Overall, performance on the desktop was excellent…. Audio recordings made in either Instructor or Learner mode were saved and ready for playback within about one second. Likewise, the automatic correction of Worksheet Activities was essentially instantaneous.” “LearningBranch is most certainly worth serious consideration. It provides a stable, easily accessible, and very flexible means of creating, […]

Meet Willow: Intelligent Voice Analysis

We’re thrilled to introduce Willow, our intelligent voice analysis engine. Built right into the LearningBranch platform, Willow evaluates learners’ spoken English skills instantly and automatically. With Willow you can automate and improve recruitment testing and training processes to boost customer satisfaction.   With Willow, you’ll have the tool you need. Why Willow? Consistent scoring Complement your team with […]

Andrew Lee from McGill University’s Education Department will be using LearningBranch for his study

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Lee from McGill University’s Education Department will be using the LearningBranch platform during the course of his study.  Andrew Lee’s study is to investigate the extent to which second language (L2) learners benefit from L2 instruction in the acquisition of French grammatical gender. There are three experimental conditions: […]

VCC Instructor presents report on pilot project

Teaching Communication and Cultural Awareness: An Online Supplementary Curriculum, presented by Jane Forward of Vancouver Community College and Patricia Macleod of LearningBranch. Sat May 24th, 9am in room 3625 at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond BC A report on teaching socio-cultural competencies and skills to health care and business professionals using adjunct curriculum that is online […]

Case Study outlines strengths of LearningBranch course

“repeated practice with realistic, natural English in a healthcare setting…”   CASE STUDY Using Communication Skills for Health Professionals Date: July 2, 2013 Author:  Karen Brooke, English Instructor, Vancouver Community College, Vancouver Canada What is VCC’s mission? Vancouver Community College serves a diverse urban community by providing excellent programs and services that prepare learners for ongoing education, […]