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6 reasons why Trinity Western University chose LearningBranch

Graduate students from Trinity Western University (TWU) choose LearningBranch as the best course for workplace language training. The 2018 Masters in TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language) class from Trinity Western University (TWU) recently compared two sets of materials for workplace language training: LearningBranch Communication Skills courses and materials from Bow […]

South Seattle Community College instructor recommends LearningBranch course.

An instructional program like Learning Branch Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals is essential in light of the growing diversity of healthcare employees and the increasing complexity of their jobs. Powerful features of this program are: fully online and self-paced, allowing students to record their own voices and compare to the model. The Communication for […]

“I like the concept. Thank you!”

“This course is really challenging for me, but I really enjoyed it and I’ve learned a lot. It’s very useful because it is related to the job and health science…” student of Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals – December 2013