LearningBranch Security Overview

The security of all LearningBranch’s data, including that of our clients, our employees and our assets is paramount to us. It is imperative for us to ensure operational integrity and business continuity across our global infrastructure.

LearningBranch endeavors to conduct all and any protective activities within international best management practices and statutory compliance while aiming to provide our clients with a 99.9% SLA.

Server Compliance

LearningBranch is hosted on highly secured servers that comply with the strictest international and industry-specific standards including SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and ISO 27001 certified.

Hardware and Infrastructure Security

LearningBranch stores all data in data centers that are SSAE 16-audited. These data centers include state-of-the-art physical and environmental access controls and safety features including: 24/7 professional security staff, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, fire detection and suppression, redundant electrical power systems, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Data Security

All connections to LearningBranch data are encrypted with industry standard AES-256 bit encryption. This was established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and uses SHA-2 to ensure data integrity.

LearningBranch provides high level security to every client, including:

  • MFA Authentication
  • Full Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption
  • AES-256 bit encryption for stored data
  • Secure Socket Shell (SSH) keys for transmitted data
  • SSAE 16-certified (SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3) servers
  • Daily Backups with hourly incremental


LearningBranch uses redundant servers with 99.9999% uptime. We adjust computing capacity and load balancing in real-time depending on the current load.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

The objective of the Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan is to safeguard the uninterrupted use of data systems and data networks that are important to us and our clients; to prevent unauthorized use of data and data systems, the unintentional or deliberate destruction or distortion of data, and to minimize damage caused. We also endeavor to safeguard operation data processing at normal time, to deal with threats that might result in the suspension of uses and to quickly recover from such situations.

LearningBranch has developed a business continuity and disaster recovery plan covering many possible scenarios.   For more information please contact us.