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High-volume recruitment is time-heavy and expensive – 3 tips to help

High-volume recruitment is time-heavy and expensive – 3 tips to help

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How can you screen 17,000 applicants a year for communication and soft-skills, quickly, accurately, and save money at the same time?

Many clients doing high-volume recruitment need to speed-up the hiring process. At the same time, they need to ensure new hires have the right communication skills for the job.

In a previous post I described how our hybrid approach of automated soft skill evaluation with human scoring enables our contact center clients to screen tens of thousands of applicants a year – accurately, cost-effectively and with minimal subjectivity.

1. Automate using AI

Recently we processed over 17,000 applicant screenings for one client. Compared to the standardized test used elsewhere in the company, the automated-hybrid approach saved them over $150,000 and provided them with better results.

This more than pays for the 3.5 minutes per applicant of remote human evaluation, which can also replace an interview (for more savings), and provide human-level accuracy with minimal subjectivity.

We are now developing an intelligent soft skill evaluation engine that can automatically score on certain parameters within our soft skill testing framework. This test will predict the top prospects out of large applicant pools based on key performance indicators.

2. Test for all skills in one tool

The hybrid approach automatically scores fundamental skills including listening comprehension, grammar, multi-tasking, spoken pronunciation, and chat.

The recorded speech adds important information to the assessment. It allows recruiters to evaluate an applicant’s ability to perform live soft skills under pressure. This is different from text-based questionnaires that require a simple click on a form without the requirement to demonstrate the appropriate skill.

3. Customize test for your needs

Working in collaboration with our clients, we have developed and calibrated a 20-minute test that has successfully processed hundreds of thousands of applicants. Clients can customize the test to target specific skills and business processes.

With the right technology, companies can improve results and save time and money.

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