Performance takes practice.

Frontline language and soft-skills training.

LearningBranch is a voice practice platform for training and assessment.

Get your frontline employees to proficiency faster.
Reduce turnover.
Increase customer satisfaction.

Practice builds confidence​

LearningBranch learners get to proficiency faster because they practice saying what they need to say on the job.

It takes training and reinforcement to learn people skills. Capture live practice for automatic feedback and coaching support with LearningBranch track tools.

Targeted content plus smart technology.

Maximize engagement. Target precise needs.

Talent directors can add their own branded training and assessments to the platform.

All Learner practice and results are tracked and reported so you know exactly what to work on.

Always On​

Throw away the training manuals and classroom schedules.

No downloads or plugins. Deliver training anywhere it’s needed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Feedback from our clients

I feel very confident in using these skills thanks to all the practice we’ve had on the learning branch.
Hospitality Management
I love this! LearningBranch is making our screening and training much faster and more effective.
Tracy Hahn
Director, Talent Development
Afni, Inc.
The practice students do on LearningBranch greatly improves their ability to perform the communication skills they need for the workplace.
Jane Forward
Vancouver Community College
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Soft-skills training and assessment for frontline workers.
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