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Meet Willow: Intelligent Voice Analysis

Meet Willow: Intelligent Voice Analysis

We’re thrilled to introduce Willow, our intelligent voice analysis engine. Built right into the LearningBranch platform, Willow evaluates learners’ spoken English skills instantly and automatically.

With Willow you can automate and improve recruitment testing and training processes to boost customer satisfaction.  

With Willow, you’ll have the tool you need.

Why Willow?

Consistent scoring

Complement your team with automated, consistent scoring. Willow is trained with tens of thousands of recordings, so you get accurate, reliable scores every time. 

Broad analysis

Willow checks more than 100 features of speech on every learner recording. Scores are based on:

  • pronunciation features, like vowel and consonant accuracy
  • grammar, like word order and omission
  • fluency features, like word repetition, pauses and duration
  • other features, such as loudness

As strict as you want it

Everyone has an accent. We think the goal is clearly spoken English that people can easily understand. With a strict, medium and lax setting, you can tune the engine exactly to your liking.

What you can do with Willow

Build custom exercises to target and score almost any spoken English word or phrase. Our new engine works seamlessly with the LearningBranch platform.

Improve pronunciation accuracy

Practice English words and phrases, even technical terminology, like Validate the vulnerability assessment. With a score over 80%, you’re doing great.

Check word choice

Check for the right vocabulary. Build the testing and training modules to target specific requirements.

Tongue twisters

Our clients are getting great results testing pronunciation using tongue twisters. It’s fun and challenging addition to a test.

Soft skills evaluation

Test soft skills with set phrases, like receiving feedback. Willow checks the learner’s recording against the target phrase and returns a score.

Keep an eye on the Knowledge Base for new articles on how to make Willow work for you.

Banner image credit: Alan Clarke/Flickr