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LearningBranch courses are used wherever instructors and employers are managing a range of language abilities and need to focus on specific communication skills and competencies.

Take advantage of our core content. Or, work with us to produce and deliver your own courses. Perfect for Online Learning or Blended Environments.

Based on industry-supported open standards, our secure, online technology can protect and ensure the viability of your copyrighted materials.

Designed for busy learners! Our online learning units are for busy students, trainees and employees who need to fit their learning into any location.

We use the latest concepts in Online Learning, language learning, and cross-cultural training.

Flexible and scalable to a wide variety of environments and learning management systems.


Features of the LearningBranch platform

  • Video-based and Audio-based learning
  • Language-learning activities
  • Automated Voice Processing and Voice Recognition technology (VPRTTM)
  • Text to Voice Processing (TVPTM)
  • Customizable and Built-in dictionaries

Features of LearningBranch delivery management

  • SCORM 2004 Courses and units work in SCORM Compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Scalable from one class to enterprise-level.
  • Multi-Platform Technology allows you to run on any Flash-Enabled computing device operating Microsoft Windows, MAC OS and Linux among others.
  • Fully Integrated ecommerce Payment systems to suit your environment and requirements. From selling courses, credit card processing to courses registration and student tracking. One solution for all your needs

With over 20 years experience in the computer-assisted language learning environment, we provide a unique set of tools to turn context- and media- rich scenarios into intensive learning experiences.