At LearningBranch we believe that improving your language and communication skills are essential skills in today’s global workplace. More than ever, the digital world will require human social skills and todays learners need to engage with spoken communication.

At LearningBranch we also value partnerships that help instructors and learners achieve these goals.

Content Partners

Are you looking for a platform to publish your media-rich content and socialize your online language teaching? We have the platform and we would love to talk to you.


Technical Partners

You want to connect your platform with ours or you are looking to add language and communication capabilities to yours. LMS, LTI, LIS, HR integrations make delivering learning and evaluation easier.


Language (Sales / Organization)

Are you looking to expand your brand to the online world? We have the platform, content and tools that allow you to reach new markets.


SocioLearner from LearningBranch is designed for trainers and managers to use. Easy to integrate with standard HR systems and use as a supplement to existing online resources. SocioLearner works on multiple devices including mobile. No installation required.