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It’s time to hire for performance!

LearningBranch helps you hire and train employees who will perform. Streamline interviews and increase speed to hire with our automated conversational-assessment platform.

Why are conversational assessments the future?

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build a lasting, lifelong relationship. Adopting a conversational assessment and training platform helps you hire employees who will deliver customer service excellence.

Introducing the Conversational
Training and Assessment Platform

LearningBranch is a fully integrated AI-driven platform that gives your teams the tools they need to succeed at scale.

Pre-Hire Assessment

Accurately screen candidates’ conversational and language skills with LearningBranch. Replace or streamline interviews with our AI platform.

Workforce Assessment

Measure and upskill existing hires. Create benchmarks on the skills that drive performance and accelerate hiring.

Communication Training

Train candidates on the communication and customer service skills that lead to success. LearningBranch’s communication, language and customer service training courses deliver the outcomes you need.


Standardize Assessments and Training

Make assessments and training data-driven, allowing you to benchmark the skills that make you successful.


Speed to hire

Take the guesswork out of screening candidates. Accurately test candidates’ communication and language skills – bias-free – and collect actionable data.


Speed to Proficiency

Automate and standardize communication skills training. Train and assess candidates using LearningBranch’s data-driven framework.


Automated and Multilingual

Standardize your processes globally using LearningBranch’s automated and multilingual conversational-based assessment and training platform.

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Increase First Call Resolution


Increase Speed To Hire


Increase Customer Satisfaction Rate

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Great customer experiences start here.

Learn how Fortune 500 companies improve their agents’ conversational skills with LearningBranch.

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“I need to hire hundreds or thousands of agents to serve my company's customer service needs, but it's difficult finding the right candidates.”

"I need to find the candidates who have great communication skills and can quickly identify and solve my customer's problem."

“I want to create benchmarks for my team and define what skills are most important for superior customer service.”

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