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Creating Content

Previewing Activities

Adding Activities


Reviewing, Scoring and Commenting on Learner’s Work

Creating Content

SocioLearner content is built around courses, lessons and activities. Courses contain one or more lessons, and lessons contain one or more activities.

When you first log in, you’ll be on the Course page. Start by creating a course, or open an existing course.

From the Lesson page, add a lesson, then start adding activities.

Quick Tip Video: Add or Change Lessons

Previewing Activities

To see how your new course will look to learners, login as a learner. Use a learner ID (check the user list to find one, or ask your administrator). You can use two different browsers (Chrome & Firefox) to view both the instructor’s and learner’s screens at same time.

Quick Tip Video: View as a Student

Browser 1: Login as instructor. This is a Worksheet Edit page.

Browser 2: Login as a learner and view the learner’s worksheet.

Adding Activities

There are two basic types of activities: SocioLearner activities and Worksheets.



Worksheets are good for self-study. With Worksheets, you can add:

  • text notes...
  • audio clips...
  • unscored audio recorders...
  • scored audio recorders...
  • multiple choice questions...
  • fill-in-the-blank questions...

Items are added in sequence on the worksheet. Add as many items to a worksheet as you like.

You can reorder items by dragging and dropping them into a new sequence.

To delete an item, click the X on the right side of the item.

All items on a worksheet are tracked for completion. If an item is scored, it’s scored automatically.

SocioLearner Activities

SocioLearner activities are good for instructor-lead oral coaching and practice. With a SocioLearner activity, you can add:

  • Basic tab: activity details and audio attachment...
  • Model Recording tab: a model recording...

All SocioLearner activities are tracked for completion. If you set a score, you’ll also be able to manually score learners’ recordings.

Preview and edit your new SocioLearner activities just like a worksheet.


Assessments are a special kind of lesson. You can add SocioLearner activities and worksheets to an assessment, just like a regular lesson. However, in an assessment:

  • • learners can only submit once
  • • learners won’t see their scores

Reviewing, Scoring and Commenting on Learner’s Work

There are two ways you can open your learner’s work: the Show Rec page or the Track page.

Show Rec page

The Show Rec page is good for scoring and reviewing all the recordings in a single SocioLearner activity.

Open the Show Rec page using the Show Rec button beside SocioLearner activities on the Lesson page.

The Show Rec page lists all learner recordings for that activity, and shows you whether there are new recordings since you last checked.

Click View New or Review to open a learner’s recording. You can review, score, and make comments on the learner’s recording.

Track page

The Tracker is good for scoring and reviewing large amounts of learners’ work, both Worksheets and SocioLearner activities.

Open the tracker using the Track Progress button at the top of the Lesson page, or beside the course title on the Course page.

On the Track page, each box represents an activity. The icons are:

  • hourglass: the learner hasn’t started or finished the activity
  • pencil: the learner has completed a SocioLearner activity and is waiting for the instructor to score it.
  • number: the learner’s score for the activity
  • checkmark: an unscored, completed activity

Click an icon to open learners’ work. You can review all activities, and make comments and score SocioLearner activities.


Only SocioLearner activities need to be scored. All other activities are automatically scored.

To score learners’ SocioLearner activities:

1. Open a recording using the Track page or the Show Rec page

2. Entering a score in score box, top right.


To leave comments on learners’ SocioLearner activities:

  1. • Open a SocioLearner activity using the Track page or the Show Rec page.
  2. • Click on the recording waveform (the vertical green bars) at the spot where you would like to leave a comment.
  3. • Type your text comment, or click Add Audio Comment to leave a recorded comment.
  4. • Click Add Comment.

Scroll through all comments as they appear underneath the waveform.