Training and Assessment Solutions

Use SocioLearner as your integrated tool for assessment and training of language and communication skills. Use our content or create your own.

Get from training to performance faster.

Are you spending time on real-time coaching during live calls? Sending people onto the floor without enough practice?

SocioLearner is a practice partner for communication skills and a coaching assistant. Coach on-the-job and save time.

Address issues quickly and accurately

Create scenario-based activities for training and improving performance.

New products? Easily manage product and pitch certification.

Use our ready-made English communication content and supplement with your own process-specific training.

Assess live skills accurately and efficiently

Use our packaged assessments to test English skills and professional communication abilities. Customize your own assessments to target specific needs.

SocioLearner from LearningBranch is designed for trainers and managers to use. Easy to integrate with standard HR systems and use as a supplement to existing online resources. SocioLearner works on multiple devices including mobile. No installation required.