Transform your Assessments

Attract the right candidates from the start of the application process.

Reduce hiring time. Reduce human bias.  Increase quality.

LearningBranch Assessment packages transform testing for recruitment and training processes.

Attract and hire the right people.

Start with application and testing processes that are smart, accurate and relevant.

Use our packaged assessments to test spoken English, chat skills, and soft skills such as active listening, empathy and assertiveness. Packaged assessments are validated to CEFR language levels.

LearningBranch provides a mix of voice-recognition and AI-based automated scoring as well as human scoring.

Test for knowledge, skills and performance.

All our courses include Pre- and Post-Tests to confirm training completion and progress. 

Customize your own assessments to target specific requirements. LearningBranch provides question banks and a range of voice and writing assessment tools so your HR team can create tests for specific processes or products.

Test language and softskill acquisition where and when it matters.

Pre-hire Assessment and Interview Tool

Our asynchronous interview tool provides a cost-effective recruitment solution. Enter your own interview questions requiring spoken or written answers. 

Extend the recruitment process offsite to save time, cost and increase accuracy.

Transform the entire process to attract and keep the right candidates.

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