Get your students speaking in class and out.

Language learners need speaking practice. Language teachers need a fast way to deliver voice assignments, to monitor progress and test speaking skills.

LearningBranch is a language-learning platform that engages participants and turns passive content into productive, interactive conversations.

Tired of struggling with your Learning Management System?

Create media-rich activities, lessons, or complete courses using our no-instructions-needed platform.

Create your own speaking activities to supplement coursework.

LearningBranch is accessible on any device, so learners can practice where and when they choose. Get your students listening, speaking, and writing from home, on the bus, or even in the classroom.

Track, Comment and Evaluate

Monitor your learners’ spoken practice. Engage and interact using our precise audio tracking tool that allows you to leave spoken or text messages and encourage learners to try again. Deliver oral tests and quizzes.

Create Conversations

Let classmates participate in the discussion. Have your students listen to classmates spoken work and let them collaborate.

Easy, really easy.

LearningBranch is designed for instructors to use. Use as a supplement to or replacement for existing online resources. 

Access through your browser. No installation required.