At LearningBranch we believe people matter more than ever.

Front line workers in your organization sell your brand every time they talk to customers.

Make sure they know how to talk to the customers.

Use LearningBranch tools to recruit, train and upskill your frontline workers.

Use LearningBranch tools everywhere speed to job-proficiency counts.

LearningBranch harnesses proven language-learning techniques, rich content and smart technology to get learners to performance faster.

Extend training and testing offsite with our mobile-enabled solutions. 

Your frontline employees interact with your customers every day.

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” 

Onboarding and on-the-job training

Our Hospitality courses use scenario-based activities for practicing the language needed for specific jobs such as Front Desk or Restaurant service.

Each module trains on a specific soft-skill such as Active Listening, Empathy, or Receiving Feedback. Build competency one module at a time.

Create your own scenario-based activities for training and improving performance.

New products? Easily manage product and pitch certification.

Mentoring and Support

LearningBranch reporting and coaching tools help you identify and focus on employees who need extra support.


Hire the right people. Improve the filter with accurate and relevant testing.

Use our packaged assessments to test spoken English and soft skills such as active listening, empathy and assertiveness.

Customize your own assessments to target specific requirements.

LearningBranch provides a mix of voice-recognition-based automated scoring as well as human scoring. Streamline the application process. Our asynchronous interview tool provides a cost-effective recruitment solution.

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