Build. Deliver. Engage. Report.

Change starts with learners.


Take our training packages or modify them to meet your needs. Or build and brand your own training. The LearningBranch platform is open for your business.


Customize. Adapt our courses or reuse yours to meet your needs. Our easy to use platform allows you to customize any element of the courses.  

Train. Our interactive audio and video platform takes your training to the next step. Don’t settle for checkbox training – get your learners to practice what they need.

Assess your teams. Test your teams spoken communication skills using our multiple question types. Use our automated speech recognition technology to automate the process.


We believe you shouldn’t need twenty different tools to train, assess and talk to learners. LearningBranch’s responsive platform is tightly integrated, and delivers results on any device.

We’ve got you covered with iOS, Android, OSX, MS Windows, Smartphone and Tablet support. Start your course on one device and continue on another— all your work is instantly synced.


Checkbox training simply doesn’t cut it. We know that answering multiple choice questions doesn’t mean your learners can articulate what to say using words.

Get to proficiency faster. Focus learner time on the actual listening and recording tasks that are required for the job. 

Automation built in. Automation is used wherever it is applicable for feedback and scoring. Trainer time is used more effectively.

Coach and Mentor. Provide trainer support where and when it’s needed. Use our voice coaching tools to give personalized audio feedback.


Report on everything that matters. Generate granular reports by cohort, group, learner, trainer, lesson or course quickly and effectively to suit the needs of your organization.

Our flexible platform allows you to assign resources, courses and permissions to team leads or learners. Whitelist your courses and assessments to specific rooms or locations.

Why use a Voice Platform?

Practicing communication strategies in a safe environment builds fluency and confidence for when it matters.

Over 90% of LearningBranch users agree to this statement: “Recording practice has helped me speak more professionally.”