In Career Training

You have a diverse learner group and need communication skills resources that are relevant for the specific work environment.

SocioLearner is the tool you need to provide the specific practice required for practicums, job interviews, and success on the job.

Provide On-the-job Learning

Create scenario-based activities requiring listening and speaking input for relevant tasks. Learners can practice leaving voicemail messages, talking to clients or co-workers, or preparing for job interviews.

Use our courses focusing on communication competencies required for specific roles, such as Hospital Unit Clerk, Medical Office Assistant, and Nursing Assistant. All our modules include videos and voice recording practice.

Check out our unique approach to Communication Skill Training.

Encourage practice

Follow learners’ progress and score their performance with the integrated Track tool. Place precise comments on learners’ audio tracks for accurate and relevant feedback. Create and deliver oral assessments big and small.

“The lessons gave students focussed and repeated practice with realistic, natural English in a healthcare setting.”

Karen Brooke, English Instructor, Vancouver Community College

“I would strongly recommend the Learning Branch Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals program as valuable for any course in which health care communication is addressed.”

Ann Rackl ESL/Basic Skills Instructor for Nursing Assistant Certified Program, South Seattle Community College

Road tested

See the presentation on how LearningBranch courses are being used in professional healthcare courses.

100% of Vancouver Community College students using LearningBranch courses say our programs build their English communication skills in the workplace.

From the presentation “Teaching Communication and Cultural Awareness: Online Supplementary Curriculum”

SocioLearner from LearningBranch is designed for instructors to use. Easy to integrate with standard LMS’s and use as a supplement to or replacement of existing online resources. SocioLearner works on multiple devices including mobile. No installation required.