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Skills That Keep Customers Coming Back

We provide insight using real-time metrics allowing you to benchmark and upskill your workforce.

Measure The Immeasurable

Create benchmarks on the communication skills that increase customer satisfaction.

Have the right people
on the front-line.

Workforce Assessment

Align candidates’ communication skills with your top performers

Put hard metrics on communication skills using  the LearningBranch workforce assessment. LearningBranch aligns your top performance skills with your business strategy.

Real-time Dashboard

Benchmark the skills of your workforce on the job

Assess your workforce and understand your performing employees’ communication skills using measurable data. LearningBranch provides insight using real-time dashboarding allowing you to benchmark and upskill your workforce. Get all the assessment scoring information in one place.

Assessments Tailored To
Your Requirements


Make a great first impression with your customers; make them want to come back to your brand.


Be genuine. Avoid apathetic and formulaic answers, even if you cannot fix the problem.

Attention To

Quickly understand the customer’s problem and address the precise issue.

Change your workforce
outcome in 4 easy steps


Assess current workforce


Benchmark top performers and their skills


Calibrate on the metrics that drive performance


Deliver candidates that perform

Know What You Have

Assess current workforce

Identify the skills of your top performers. Meaure soft skills using LearningBranch’s scientifically proven framework.

Understand the Skills You Need

Benchmark top performers and skills

Measure performers and put a scale to it. Categorize the skills into buckets on a broad scale to identify where the performers rank overall in comparison to the company goals.

Calibrate and align to your business needs

Get a clear direction on skills inventory and cross-reference them against your workforce to be more effective. Establish KPI and performance goals suitable for your company vision.

The metrics That Matter

Deliver customer success

Train and assess candidates for the communication skills that make your team successful. LearningBranch’s conversational-based communication, language, and culture training and assessments deliver the outcomes you want.