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Hire Better, Hire Faster,

Improve Performance

Increase speed to hire and improve performance with LearningBranch’s automated conversational-based platform.

Delivering Customer Excellence Globally

We Can Help You

Hire and train employees
who will perform

Conversational pre-hire assessments and training ensures your candidates are job-ready.

Frontline communication skills drive your bottom line success.

Increase first call resolution
by 20%

Select candidates who understand customers, communicate clearly and solve problems.

Increase customer satisfaction by

Hire on the communication
skills and metrics that align with performance.

Reduce your
costs by

Use automated AI-powered assessments to evaluate candidates for employability.

Assessments For Pre-hire, New Hire, and Workforce Evaluation

Uplift Your Communication

Great customer service starts with great communication skills.

Your customers care about being understood.
LearningBranch evaluates soft skills that enable
great customer conversations.
“LearningBranch is a highly effective platform that helps learners improve their communication skills with real-life scenarios.”
- Sonali Tembe, Infosys
Guided By Metrics

Make communication skills easy to assess.

LearningBranch helps you put hard metrics
on real-life conversations. Give your customers the service they deserve with LearningBranch AI.

Customer interaction is more important than ever

Accurate & Analytical

Use unbiased data to define actionable metrics of employee success.

Time And Cost Saver

Choose pre-build assessment
and training packages to help you get the right talent with the right skills

Global & Multilingual

Standardize your customer experience across culture, geography, and language barriers.

We work with clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

LearningBranch operates in

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese and other languages
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