LearningBranch makes soft-skills as measurable as hard-skills.
AI-powered solutions to frontline evaluation and training.

Our software insightfully evaluates key communication skills to enable managers to pick the best performers.

We work with contact centers in India, The Philippines, Latin America and more

“I love this! LearningBranch is making our screening and training much faster and more effective.”

Tracy Hahn
Director, Talent Development, Afni, Inc.

“LearningBranch offers many possibilities and interesting ways to engage Learners and expose them to deep learning and REAL language.””

Julie Gagnon-Riopel Ph.D.
John Abbott College

“LB’s AI actually works! I’ve seen other products that claim they can evaluate free speech, but they don’t work.”

Recruitment, Philippines

8 to 1

reduction in time to hire


reduction in cost vs manual process


of users improved professional communications skills

Assessing people skills, more efficiently and effectively

Our assessment tools rapidly and accurately provide comprehensive data relating to job readiness. We measure skill sets for different roles, focusing on real-world people skills: empathy, active listening, proactive assistance and more. This takes into account an incredible range of nuances and sensitivities relating to social, cultural, linguistic and international perspective. 

The faster way to generate better, more reliable results​

Our assessment platform enables massive time and resource savings.  And we help make your recruiting and training run more efficiently, accurately and consistently.


Create huge time and resource savings by taking your recruitment process offsite. Our platform can reduce and even replace the interview, with less subjectivity and more accuracy.


Our platforms can be easily integrated and adapted to our customers’ needs. Add in your own questions to target any needs and requirements that are specific and relevant to your business.


Our automated system uses unique features to evaluate several important metrics. Participants score on vocabulary, comprehension, pronunciations, multi-tasking, writing and soft skills.

Pinpoint Proficiency

Our platform is designed with global contact centers in mind. We are flexible enough to adapt to any specific content or cultural nuances, or add your own training content to ensure candidates show proficiency in the areas that matter to your business.

Actionable Data

Get reports on everything that matters. Rapidly generate global and granular reports that provide useful data and effective insights that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

Enhanced Engagement​

Ticking boxes isn’t training. We enable engagement with real-world, scenario-based content, with voice and text coaching tools to provide personalized feedback. Our training can be accessed via mobile whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Upskilling communications

We can help improve professional communications in the English-speaking world, with written and voice training for grammar, culture and business email writing. All courses include pre- and post-testing and are CEFR-aligned.

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