SocioLearner is a language practice platform for teaching speaking skills. It encourages practice and builds performance.

Capture recordings. Place comments directly on the recording track.

Give specific feedback for improvement.

Saying it right takes practice

To master communication, you need to build competency in many skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

SocioLearner delivers it all. But we put speaking first.

When it comes to live speaking, most programs fall short. Stop relying on text and one-way audio. Language is a two-way social skill. More practice + more personal feedback = better performance, sooner.

LearningBranch clients are training the global workforce.

In Higher Education

SocioLearner is a learning platform you can use to deliver all your language programs. Create activities, lessons or an entire course.

Spend less time setting up speaking practice activities and more time on personal interaction with students.

Evaluate oral skills efficiently and accurately.

See how SocioLearner works in Higher Education.

In Career Training

Your graduates have the certificate – make sure they have the professional speaking skills they need to get and keep a job.

Get your students better prepared for role-plays and practicums.

Teach and evaluate real-world communication skills.

See how SocioLearner works in Career Training.

“Call-centre workers will still be needed, not for repetitive tasks, but to coax customers into buying other products and services. That is a harder job, demanding better language skills.”

The Economist, February 6 2016

“The future of complex B2B sales is through Human2Human interaction.”

Will Barron,

In the Workplace

Get from training to performance faster.

Make training count with real-world professional communication practice and assessment.

Assess language skills quickly and accurately.

See how SocioLearner works in Workplaces.

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Language and Communication Skills for the Global Workforce

We help train your people so they can perform.

LearningBranch designs beautiful and practical online training for language and communication skills. We focus on the competencies needed to perform in real life interactions. Our technology incorporates experiential and scenario-based training using videos, voice recording, webcam recording, asynchronous mark-up and collaboration.

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