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A New Way To Hire and Train Agents

Use our Al platform to assess and train candidates who deliver customer excellence accurately and quickly.

Why Use LearningBranch

Our employability assessments evaluate the communication skills needed to make your customers happy.

Assess candidates with a scientifically proven framework.

Use real-life chat, email,
and voice calls that
simulate the work

Analyze results using
Artificial Intelligence.

Benchmark skills and
standards throughout
your organization.

What makes us different?

We evaluate candidates for job readiness – the ability to listen to customers and answer clearly and concisely. We use virtual role-playing assessments that measure soft skills, critical skills, and language skills.

How We Do It

Our assessments are based on real-life scenarios.
Candidates respond by writing responses to a customer’s email or chat request or by recording responses to voice calls. These responses are evaluated using LearningBranch’s AI.

What We Evaluate

Job-readiness, including Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Multi-tasking, Typing Speed, Processing Speed, Customer Focus, Quality Focus among others.

How This Helps You

Identify the candidates with the language and communications skills that make you successful. Our process is fully automated, unbiased, and delivers results in seconds.

What does LearningBranch deliver?

Results. Our platform selects candidates who can perform.

You get improved CSAT scores, increased first call resolution scores, and faster speed to hire. You get a standardized platform across languages and geographies.

Get a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.