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LearningBranch makes soft skill training and assessments that evaluate how candidates speak and write with customers.

Soft Skill assessments and training

Use LearningBranch assessments for pre-hire, new hire and workforce evaluation.

Align candidates’ soft skills with your top performance metrics.

“LearningBranch offers many possibilities and interesting ways to engage Learners and expose them to deep learning and REAL language.”


Reduced Ticket Reopen Rate


Decreased Customer dissatisfaction Rates


Increased customer satisfaction rates


Soft Skills Are Hard To Assess

Where hard skills can be easily tested and measured, soft skills are subtle and more nuanced. So while organizations have been able to standardize the assessment and training of hard skills, a new evaluation grid needs to be put in place for soft skills. Even then, it’s open to inconsistencies and subject to bias.


By standardizing the evaluation and training process, Learning Branch helps organizations save time and resources in finding the right talent, enabling recruitment and training at scale.


Unlike traditional cookie-cutter solutions, Learning Branch tailors solutions for every organization, analyzing benchmarks and best practices unique to their individual needs.


Learning Branch is automated and analytical. It uses data instead of judgement to define quantifiable metrics of success for both potential candidates and existing employees.

Neglecting Soft Skills Means Neglecting Customer Experience

By not understanding the relevance and intricacies of soft skills, your business is under threat. This might come down to an over-reliance of formulaic scripts, uncertainty when defining and training soft skills, a belief that people can learn what they need on the job, or an assumption that speaking a language means you can communicate it effectively.

Customer Excellence
has never been more important

Over 90% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service (HubSpot Research)

It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one that’s negative (Glance)

LearningBranch is Global

With existing operations globally, Learning Branch is in the best position to understand cultural sensitivities so organizations can transcend geographical boundaries.

“I love this! LearningBranch is making our screening and training much faster and more effective.”

Tracy Hahn
Director, Talent Development, Afni, Inc.

“LB’s AI actually works! I’ve seen other products that claim they can evaluate free speech, but they don’t work.”

Recruitment, Philippines

Learning Branch Is The Solution

By using advanced AI, Learning Branch analyzes vast ranges of data to help organizations create more accurate and holistic soft skill benchmarks that guarantee customer success. The results are translated to assessment and training modules which can be deployed at scale.

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