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Hire candidates that deliver world-class support

Accurately assess candidates’ conversational and language skills. Replace or augment interviews with the LearningBranch AI platform.

Apply a Human Touch

Your team needs the right communication skills to resolve complex issues that robots can’t.

Reduce Turnover

Put your hires
to the test.

Our assessment evaluates applicants’ written and spoken responses to customers’ emails, chats and voice calls using LearningBranch’s AI.

Fortune 500 companies that use Learning Branch for global hiring

Designed To

Assess candidates with
a scientifically proven

Use real-life chat, email,
and voice calls that
simulate the work

Analyze results using
Artificial Intelligence.

Assess your candidates’ performance on the fundamental skills:

Active Listening

Difficult Messages

Attention to Detail


Quality Focus

Multi tasking

Identify top talent

Effortlessly evaluate candidates’ skills through automation, and hire for skills that make you successful.

Easily manage
high volume

We systematically screen candidates’ job-readiness and rank them for quick decision making.

Deploy globally

Standardize your hiring across languages and continents.
We operate in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin and Japanese.

Find top talent